Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

BLAZE GOLDBURST TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED does not provide free services of any kind. The prices displayed on the website are subject to change. The company is not liable to any damage occurred after the services are delivered. The customer is fully responsible for the maintenance of all the files.

The amount paid for services is non-refundable. Before placing the order, if you have any product related queries and suggestions, please contact us at or through our chat box. The amount paid, however can be replaced with any other services if the work is yet to begin. Professional services are non-refundable because it is a service where a lot of time and energy is invested by a team of creative people. It is not a physical good which is returnable or refundable. So, the purchase of services provided by Blaze Goldburst Technologies (Opc) Private Limited will not be refunded at any cost. There can not be any breach of contract/agreement. Cancellation of any order is strictly not allowed.

Blaze Goldburst Technologies reserves to retain the rights to the services delivered as part of their sample work to showcase on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any website which the company owns or in their promotional campaigns. It needs no permission from any customer or subscriber, and it would be beneficial to the customer in highlighting their works.

A customer requesting for additional revisions before even mentioning everything in detail while placing the order or is introducing newer changes has to provide additional charges which might go up to 50-70% of the actual amount of the product, we would bill them separately by sending them an invoice with all details. But if there is any mistake from our side only, then the revision would be free of cost.

Blaze Goldburst Technologies (Opc) Private Limited reserves the right over Video BUSINESS Interviews, COMPANY Explainer Video, COMPANY VIDEO TRAILER, DOCUMENTARY or any kind of Video Content creation to be uploaded and shared across all of its social media platforms and websites. However, the customer too can share the same video on their platform if they have purchased the service.

With self-publishing services, the author has 100% rights over their royalties. Blaze Goldburst Technologies will only be paid for their self-publishing services. An author/BUSINESS can request to use the logo of Blaze Goldburst on the back of their book cover.

Our current audio-book narrator is Blaze Goldburst AND SAURAV. All audio-books will be narrated by Blaze Goldburst only. Additional charges will apply (up to 50%) for audio-book if additional revisions are requested or any kind of newer changes are asked for and if there is no mistake from our side. So, please state in details about everything right from the beginning. Blaze Goldburst Technologies will edit and upload your audio-book.

Bargaining of any kind is strictly not allowed. However, if the company wants to give concessions to a customer, they can. Engaging in Bad behavior with the staff or any other author in the platform is forbidden, forcing the staff to work for free or engaging in any kind of defamatory behavior will lead to a permanent ban from the platform.

Blaze Goldburst Technologies reserves the right to collect customer email addresses, phone numbers and provide product service related emails, texts or account related queries from time to time.

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