MY MIRROR\\\’S REFLECTION By Tarek El Turkmani (Book Blurb)

MY MIRROR\\\’S REFLECTION By Tarek El Turkmani (Book Blurb)

Liam a young boy who encounters many tragical events that shape his understanding enabling him to mature before his age, taking on responsibilities and tackling every obstacle that he encounters. Having to deal with a traumatic experience can alter a person’s perspective from their reality. The hardest obstacle he encountered was losing his parents in a mysterious murder allowing him to take on many adventures to reach those who committed the murder. His faith and patience are what he carried with him throughout the years. Believing with his capabilities even with failure, he does not wait for the appraisal of those around him, and he does not give up on the thought of him avenging his parents. Many mysteries will unfold in the chapters within.


Tarek El Turkmani lives in New South Wales Australia. Tarek can usually be found reading a book of many genres. The novel he has written is a psychological thriller. Tarek is a new author, he has books in Arabic as well as English. He enjoys writing stories as a hobby of his and creates his stories based on his imagination. Tarek likes to always write his novel endings with a special twist, making sure his readers have a special ending. Order your copy of My Mirror’s Reflective by Tarek El Turkmani from the link in the description below. If you are new to the channel, Subscribe Now. Like and Share this Video.

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