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At Blaze Goldburst, we are passionate about bringing stories to life. Whether you’re an established author or an aspiring writer, we strive to provide a platform where your literary dreams can flourish. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and author satisfaction sets us apart in the publishing industry.

Traditional Publishing Wing

In addition to our diverse range of publishing services, Blaze Goldburst boasts a traditional publishing wing. We recognize and celebrate the timeless allure of traditional publishing, where manuscripts are carefully curated and meticulously crafted into literary masterpieces.

Submit Your Manuscript

Do you believe your book has the potential to captivate readers and stand the test of time? We invite you to submit your full manuscript, along with a compelling book blurb, to Blaze Goldburst for consideration. Send your submissions to, and our team of experienced editors and literary experts will carefully review your work.

Publishing Timeline

At Blaze Goldburst, we understand the importance of timely publication. Upon acceptance of your manuscript, we are committed to bringing your book to market within 3 months. Our streamlined publishing process ensures that your work receives the attention and care it deserves, without unnecessary delays.

Understanding Traditional Publishing

What is traditional publishing?

Traditional publishing refers to the established model in which a publishing house selects manuscripts for publication, handles the editing, design, printing, distribution, and marketing of the book, and pays the author royalties based on sales.

How much royalties does the author earn?

After all expenses, including retailer fees, employee or freelancer payments, infrastructure costs, and taxes, the author typically earns a royalty percentage from the publisher’s profit. At Blaze Goldburst, our authors receive a competitive royalty rate of 5% of the publisher’s profit. This means that the author bears no financial burden and can earn royalties purely from book sales.

Why choose traditional publishing?

Traditional publishing offers authors the opportunity to work with experienced professionals who can help polish their work, navigate the complexities of the publishing industry, and reach a wider audience through established distribution channels. Additionally, the prestige associated with traditional publishing can enhance an author’s credibility and visibility within the literary community.

Join the Blaze Goldburst Family

Whether you’re seeking traditional publishing or exploring our comprehensive range of publishing services, Blaze Goldburst is dedicated to supporting authors at every stage of their literary journey. Join our community of passionate writers and let us help you bring your stories to life.

Submit your manuscript today and embark on an exciting publishing adventure with Blaze Goldburst.

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