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Unlock the magic of literature with Blaze Goldburst’s enchanting collection of traditionally published books! 📚✨ Whether you’re a seasoned author or a budding wordsmith, our mystical library awaits your masterpiece. 🌟✒️ To embark on this literary journey, simply send your manuscript to, and let the adventure begin! 💌🔮

Alex Goldburst and Past Life Regression: A Detective’s Journey into Past Lives
Alex Goldburst and the Haunted Village by Saurav Dash, Published by Blaze Goldburst
Alex Goldburst and Animal Reiki, written by Saurav Dash. Published by Blaze Goldburst
I will come back home by Leonard Maero W, Published by Blaze Goldburst
SELF-PUBLISHING your Book ON AMAZON KDP by Saurav Dash, published by Blaze Goldburst

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